Alyssa Goodman

President and Founder (bio)


The Radcliffe Wave

Using "big data" (Gaia), and visuaization (glue and WorldWide Telescope) to revolutionize our understanding of the structure of our Milky Way.

COVID-19 IHME Model History

Harnessing the power of visualization to undstand change in data-driven epidemiological forecasts, and their uncertainty, over time.

The Path to Newton

Integrating information visualization with an historical narrative to explain how humanity's most predictive scientific theory to date--the theory of gravity--came to be.

AAS WorldWide Telescope

A Universe Information System offering free access to ~all online astronomical data, shown on the Sky or in 3D. A key plug-in to glue for astronomy & Earth Science.

Paper of the Future

Commissioned by the AAS as a demonstration of what data-rich, highly-interactive, publications should look like in the near-term future.

Astronomy Rewind

The ADS All Sky Survey shows where the sky has been studied, when and why. Astronomy Rewind puts historical images back on the sky, where they go.

The Timeline Consortium

Bringing together tech leaders from across academia and industry to create and test a new metadata standard for displaying time-tagged data. A community blog offering "10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Visualization," hosting an ongoing conversation about best practices across all areas of visualization.

*All of the works listed here are collaborations in which AG played a leading or significant role. For a more expansive view of AG's work, visit her full website at Harvard.