Interactive Figures Online

The qt version of glue offers 1-click export of interactive figures to web pages, using
Power-users can also modify the automatic export to add custom javascript features.

WorldWide Telescope Integration

Embedding web tools in glue on the desktop to enahnce its power.

Airplanes, in 3D, over Boston

Using glue to see airplanes fly in to, out of, and around Boston--and to understand how the weather effects flight patterns--in 3D.

Hackable User Interfaces

Using glue's plugin architecture to enable rapid, bespoke exploration of data in all its forms -- even Mario.


glue genes brings open-source exploratory data analysis and visualization using glue to genomics.
Developed in collaboration with The Jackson Laboratory.

Multi-modal Medical Imaging

Combining imaging modalities, and statistical analyses, in real-time, to help improve human lives.