glupyter (a.k.a. "glue jupyter")

"glupyter" is a union of glue and Jupyter software environments. We think it may well be the future of glue, or "glue-qt" as experts sometimes call the desktop app version of glue. This webpage, hosted openly and freely by glue solutions, inc., serves as a clearinghouse for current information about open-source glupyter-related projects. Some of these projects are funded by government agencies (notably NSF and NASA), others by private foundations (e.g. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation), some as part of corporate collaborations (e.g. Harvard+Google Data+Climate), and some by open-source consulting work carried out by glue solutions, inc.

The glue-jupyter GitHub repository is fully open,
and more detail can be found on this
Read the Docs page.

Quick insights for Images, Spectra


includes: ImViz, CubeViz, SpecViz, MOSViz

Sponsor: NASA, James Webb Space Telescope

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Open-Source GIS Data Exploration



Sponsors: Harvard+Google Data+Climate

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at Data+Climate site...


Data Science Education

Cosmic Data Stories

Sponsor: NASA, Science Activation Program (funded proposal)

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at CosmicDS website...


bringing glue to JupyterLab

glupyter prototype

Sponsors: The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the National Science Foundation

Read more in the justificaiton of the GBF proposal, awarded to
Harvard, and watch this 2022 demo video