Learn to use glue: Training, Videos, Demos

glue solutions offers a variety of in-person and online training options for new and experienced users of the glue, glupyter, and glue genes software environments, as well as associated plug-ins. On this page, we offer a sampling of videos and training materials developed to-date, both by glue solutions, and by the broader glue open-source community. Please do drop us a line if you'd like to see a demo or training not covered here!

Please note that additional helpful videos can be found at glueviz.org, the glue software project's home page.

Official glue software Documentation

The glue software project maintains a Documentation page, which offers information to help users get started, build custom plug-ins, and much more.

GitHub Repositories

For those who prefer readme files, and/or code, here are some handy links, within the glue-viz and gluesolutions orgs:

What is glue?

For those unfamiliar with glue, this 2-minute video offers an introduction to the 3 meanings of glue, gluing togethter 1-data, 2-graphs, and 3-tools. (Videos below include views of the actual software, while this one does not.)

glue in 2 minutes (screencast)

Entitled "Multi-dimensional linked data exploration with glue," this classic "early glue" video gives an overview of glue's most basic functionality--more of an intro than an actual tutorial. The "Airplanes over Boston," below for a short tutorial.

"Airplanes over Boston"
(Instructional Document, Data Set, and glue session files)

This short training uses a data set collected by glue solutions team members using a tiny USB antenna as an "observatory" to track air traffic over Boston from the roof of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. We are grateful to Harvard University for hosting the antenna, and any data collected with it may be freely re-purposed. (This posting is pending approval from the National Science Foundation, which funds general-purpose glue software development.)

"Seeing More of the Universe"
(YouTube playlist)

The Seeing More of the Universe Series was created by glue solutions' President, and Harvard Professor, Alyssa Goodman for the Data Science Fellowship Program of the Vera Rubin Observatory, in 2021. Goodman created these videos to help anyone interested in visualization--not just astronomers--learn more about how and why to visualize high-dimensional data. A full playlist is on the 10QViz YouTube channel, free for re-use.

Introduction to "Seeing More of the Universe", click here for the full series

Multi-dimensional Linked Data Exploration with glue

Lead glue developer Thomas Robitaille's 2019 glue tutorial at SciPy

Augmented Reality

Yes, you can make AR figures from glue...more here, and coming soon!