Jonathan Foster, Chief Technical Officer

Jonathan Foster is Chief Technical Officer for glue solutions, inc. He holds a B.S. in Astronomy from Caltech and a Ph.D. in Astronomy from Harvard. He developed the data reduction pipeline for the MALT90 survey while a post-doc and lecturer at Boston University and led a research program to investigate low-mass stars in high-mass star-forming regions while a prize postdoctoral fellow at Yale. Following his astronomy career, Jonathan moved into data science in the entertainment industry.

As Director of Quantitative Research at Legendary Pictures, Jonathan helped to develop and lead one of the first teams using advanced data analytics within a Hollywood studio. He pioneered the use of Natural Language Processing and Convolutional Neural Networks for the analysis of text, image and video data in the marketing and development of entertainment properties. 

As Senior Director of Data Science at Applied Analytics Solutions (a WarnerMedia company), Jonathan lead a team which delivered tools and reports to teams throughout WarnerMedia focused on entertainment marketing, portfolio development, and brand assessment, and established engineering and workflow practices to prototype, test, and deploy analysis tools against multi-million dollar marketing campaigns. 

Jonathan joined glue solutions, inc. in 2020, merging his abiding interest in making compelling visualizations with his deep understanding of the needs of practicing data scientists in industry.

From 2021 on, Jonathan has led the development of the glue genes software environment, as well as the glue map package